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Lying adjacent to the Diyavini Oya the Weheragolla Tourist Bungalow is the least expensive bungalow for accommodation in the Udawalawe Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park. As elephants, deer, and other animals roam peacefully in the surroundings the Veheragolla Bungalow is an ideal place to experience wildlife in its most natural form. As there is an employee of the Udawalawe National Park residing at the bungalow your every need will be taken care of and you be able to enjoy your vacation leisurely.

The bungalow is powered by environmentally friendly solar power and equipped with modern bathrooms. As delicious food that pleases your taste buds can be prepared in the bungalow itself your stay at the Veheragolla Tourist Bungalow will be that of immense relaxation and joy.

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  Charge Category Charge per Group of 10 (Ten) Adults (Rs.)   
 First Night  Second Night  Third Night
Lodging Charge  2,500.00  5,000.00  7,500.00 
Park Fee  1,200.00  1,200.00  2,400.00 
Service Charge  700.00  700.00  2,100.00 
 Linen Charge 750.00  750.00  750.00 
 Sub Total 5,150.00  5,150.00  12,750.00 
 VAT 12% 618  618.00  1,530.00 
Total   5,760 5,768.00  14,280.00