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Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo







Scientific Name

Bubalus bubalis

Name in English

Water/Indian Buffalo

Local Names

Sinhala: Kulu Haraka

Tamil: Kadumadu, Kuru Iram

The water buffalo is an easily recognised animal and it is also referred to as the Indian buffalo and the domesticated Asian buffalo. Used by humans for agricultural and transportation purposes, these creatures also roam languidly in wildlife sanctuaries and other woodlands.

Physical Attributes
The two prominently observable horns of the water buffalo make it easier to be identified. These horns take a curved shape and protrudes from the side of the head of the buffalo. The skin is typically black in colour.

Habitat and Environment
Water buffalos can be easily witnessed near water bodies and this is one of the reasons why it has received its name. Reservoirs attract water buffalos consistently. In addition to these, the water buffalos are also found in scrublands as well.

Lifespan and Reproduction

Behaviour and Feeding
The water buffalos require the availability of water bodies and they spend a substantial proportion of their time in water. Feeding habits of the water buffalo mainly revolve around aquatic plants and grass. Giant reeds as well as marsh grasses are also consumed by these creatures.

Cultural and Conservation Status
The water buffalo thrives in the woodlands and wildlife sanctuaries and it is not an endangered species. However, poaching and deforestation have created threats for these creatures. Water buffalos are also domesticated and used for agricultural purposes in many villages of Sri Lanka. These creatures are fairly well-known species of animals in the country.

ISBN: 955 1462 00 9