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Wild Boar

Wild Boar







Scientific Name

Sus scrofa

Name in English

Wild Boar

Local Names

Sinhala: Wal Ura


The wild boar is found in many regions of the globe and it is being hunted for food by humans. The creature known as the “Sus scrofa affinis” is the subspecies of the wild boar found in Sri Lanka. This article discusses information on the wild boar in general and also presents information of the wild boar found in Sri Lanka.

Physical Attributes
The typical colour of a wild boar is black and grey. It is similar, in a less appealing manner, to a domesticated pig. The wild boar has short legs but a highly compact body structure. Its head is relatively larger and it can even reach three and a half feet in height. The wild boar averagely weighs between 40 and 90 kilograms and the creatures found in Sri Lanka are slightly smaller in physique. Both the male and female wild boar possess tusk but the tusks of the female wild boar is not predominantly visible.

Habitat and Environment
The wild boar is found in most regions of the world and it prefers a less-dense woodland for its habitat. Scrublands are one of the most desired geographical environments of the wild boar. Wild boars of Sri Lanka are found in the national parks and woodlands of the country.

Lifespan and Reproduction

Behaviour and Feeding
Male wild boars are typically found as isolated individuals and it can be an aggressive creature. The female wild boars live in small groups along with their offspring and these groups are known as “sounders”.

Cultural and Conservation Status
The wild boar is easily recognised and depicted widely in popular culture. In Sri Lanka, the wild boar is known as “wal ura” and its global conservation status is “Least Concern”, according to the IUCN.

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