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Black-headed Ibis

Black-headed Ibis

One of the popular kingfishers of Sri Lanka, the black-capped kingfisher includes the colours of black, orange-red, and blue on its body. This bird is regarded as a tree kingfisher and it is found in the tropical parts of Asia and Southeast Asia. Furthermore, it is also found certain areas of Far East Asia. The IUCN has categorised the black-capped kingfisher under the group "least concern" and the scientific name assigned to this particular bird is Halcyon pileata.

The black-capped kingfisher is one of the larger species of kingfisher and it can be seen in the woodlands and near water bodies of the Udawalawe National Park. The length of this bird reaches almost 30 cm and its bill is seemingly large when compared with the dimensions of its body. Amphibians are consumed by the black-capped kingfisher and in addition to this, both insects as well as fish fall prey to the black-capped kingfisher.