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Crested Serpent Eagle

Crested Serpent Eagle

Despite not similar in appearance to the general picture that people have of an eagle, the crested serpent eagle has being heavily sighted at the Udawalawe National Park. The IUCN has listed the bird as "least concern" and the crested serpent eagle is one of the top predators of birds in the area. These birds are medium-sized and found in tropical regions of Asia. The crested serpent eagle is mainly brown or brownish black in colour and its face includes a yellow coloured portion.

The scientific name of the crested serpent eagle is Spilornis cheela and it preys on small mammals and other small animals. The forestlands of Udawalawe will allow visitors to spot this bird, especially as it soars above in the sky. One of the most distinctive physical characteristics of the crested serpent eagle is its white-coloured segment under its wings. This is only visible during its flight.