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The peafowl of the Udawalawe National Park can be described as one of the most attractive creatures of the park. Visitors eagerly await witnessing the peafowl and it can be easily seen in the scrublands and grasslands of the Udawalawe National Park. The Indian peafowl, which is also known as the Blue peafowl, is one of the larger species of birds and it belongs to the pheasant family of birds. Its scientific name is Pavo cristatus and it is listed as a "least concern" species by the IUCN.

Visitors pick up fallen feathers of the peafowl at the Udawalawe National Park. One of the most striking and predominant characteristics of this particular bird is the vivid and enormous difference between the male and the female. The male peafowl is popularly referred to as the peacock while the female peafowl is known as the peahen. It is natively found in South Asia but due to its elegant beauty, it was introduced to many other regions of the world. The amazingly coloured and styled feathers of the peacock is the most alluring and renowned characteristic of the peafowl.