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Pied Cuckoo

Pied Cuckoo

One of the popular types of cuckoos found in the Udawalawe National Park, the pied cuckoo is also referred to as the Jacobin cuckoo or the pied crested cuckoo. The scientific name of this particular bird is Clamator jacobinus and its primary colours include black, brown, and white. The family to which is belongs is Cuculidae and it is a medium-sized bird. The crest of the pied cuckoo is one of its distinctive physical features.

The Pied cuckoo is found in South Asia and parts of Africa. However, most of these parts, apart from Sri Lanka, are known to provide habitation for this bird in certain seasons. The Pied cuckoo is regarded as a brood parasite and it uses the nests of other birds to lay down their eggs. These eggs are laid rapidly and damages to the eggs of the hosts could occur.