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Sri Lanka Junglefowl

Sri Lanka Junglefowl

One of the most popular birds of Sri Lanka and one of the endemic birds of the country, the Sri Lanka junglefowl possesses bright colours in its body. The crest of the male Sri Lanka junglefowl can be red and yellow while other parts of its body include orange-brown and blue. The scientific name of the Sri Lanka junglefowl is Gallus lafayetii and it is listed as a "least concern" species under the IUCN. The Sri Lanka junglefowl is also known as the Ceylon junglefowl and it is one of the Phasianidae family of birds.

The male Sri Lanka junglefowl is extremely larger than the female and as described above, the male has a vividly coloured body. The female however, is brown in colour and do not possess the crest or additional plumage as the males. The Udawalawe National Park is one of the popular areas in Sri Lanka where this bird can be observed. The Sri Lanka junglefowl is known as "wali kukula" in Sinhalese. The bird is regarded as terrestrial creature and it consumes seeds, insects, and fallen fruits. The female junglefowl lays two to four eggs in nests or on the forest floor.