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Sri Lanka Spurfowl

Sri Lanka Spurfowl

The Sri Lanka spurfowl is one of the most popular endemic bird species found in Sri Lanka and the Udawalawe National Park is one of the best places to observe it. The spurfowl can be described as a type of pheasant and even though it is extremely popular among wildlife enthusiasts, its elusive nature makes it difficult to spot it. The colours of this bird is dark brown and it has small white spots on its body.

The scientific name of the Sri Lanka spurfowl is Galloperdix bicalcarata and it is referred to as the “haban kukula” in Sinhalese. The Tamil name for this bird is “sinna kattu koli”. These birds are located in dense forests as well as near the woodlands on hills. Both the dry zone and wet zone are inhabited by the Sri Lanka spurfowl.