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White-bellied Sea Eagle

White-bellied Sea Eagle

One of the types of eagles found in Udawalawe National Park, the white-bellied sea eagle has captured the hearts of many visitors. As its name states, the belly or underside of the body of this eagle is white in colour. According to the IUCN, the white-bellied sea eagle is listed as “least concern” and this reflects the fact that the eagle has a limited amount of threats in Sri Lanka. The white-bellied sea eagle is found in Australia and South East Asia as well.

The scientific name of the white-bellied sea eagle is Haliaeetus leucogaster and its behaviour is defined as diurnal. As one of the top predator birds of Udawalawe, it preys on several animals, including small mammals. The wingspan of the white-bellied sea eagle is enormous and its upper body is dark grey in colour. It uses its feet to grasp fish that inhabit the Udawalawe reservoir and other water bodies at Udawalawe.