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White Wagtail

White Wagtail

One of the most attractive birds of the Udawalawe National Park according to certain visitors, the white wagtail does certainly ooze out a rare beauty. The entire body of the white wagtail is white and black, with white appearing in most of the underside while the black appearing on the top portion and the wings. The characteristic and beauteous pattern in which these colours are spread out on the body of the white wagtail attaches an alluring and appealing appearance to the bird.

According to zoologists and authorities on bird species, the white wagtail is regarded as a small passerine bird belonging to the order Passeriformes. What this means is that this particular bird belongs to the group that includes more than half of the species of birds. The IUCN listing for the white wagtail is "least concern" and this bird is located across all regions of Asia and Europe. An interesting fact of this bird is that it is the national bird of Latvia. The scientific name assigned to the white wagtail is Motacilla alba.