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Sumptuously packed with a variety of beckoning tourist destinations, the Udawalawe National Park and its surrounding community offers a regally splendid experience for each visitor. Apart from the primary attraction, that is the Udawalawe National Park teeming with an abundance of exalting wildlife, the area includes several other attractions such as mesmerising ruins, bungalows, and posthumously significant modern establishments such as the reservoir and hydroelectric power plant. Each of these different destinations can be regarded as landmarks and these harbour a rare cultural value. 

Blessed with the power to enchant countless tourists, these destinations continuously act as regal places of relaxation and joy while fulfilling the eager thirst of humankind to bond with the peaceful harmony of nature. A unique collection of destinations, including limestone caves, natural hot water springs, and a colonial elephant ranch pave the way for an exquisite and captivating experience. In addition to these, the rivers, waterfalls, and other proofs of nature’s gallant glory are also popular tourist destinations of the vicinity of the Udawalawe National Park.