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Rendering a trifold mechanism of services, the Dam at Udawalawe acts as a predominant landmark for the entire area. Established decades ago, this particular dam serves as one of the well-known boundaries of the Udawalawe National Park and devises the celebrated UdaWalawe water reservoir. Visitors to the national park, if they happen to travel via the A18 route, will usually have to reach the entrance of the park after passing the Udawalawe Dam and any such visitor will be treated to an agglomeration of elegant natural artistry.

The two opposing facets of the dam parades two disparate picturesque views – a lush, alluring woodland and an inviting, charming natural cistern of water. The woodland showcases the elegance and exquisiteness of the forests of the southern region of Sri Lanka while the water body towards the Northern side of the dam serves as a local area of relaxation. The Udawalawe Dam also paves the way for one of the power plants of the country, the Udawalawe Hydroelectric Power Plant, which generates 6 MW of power.

As mentioned above, the Udawalawe Dam accomplishes three contrasting services -facilitating the creation of the Udawalawe National Park, generating hydroelectric power, and serving as a local place of natural inducement. A multitude of local residents and tourists flock to the Udawalawe National Park and a substantial proportion of these visitors seek the naturally relaxing escapade made available by the main water reservoir of the vicinity. Swimming, bathing, or a mere leisurely laid-back activity can be easily achieved by the visitors at the alluring and scenic reservoir.

Occasionally, an elephant will make the voyage from the confines of the Udawalawe National Park to the outskirts of the park after crossing the reservoir. On a felicitous day, tourists will be able to observe one of these elephants at an extremely close range besides the dam – a relish before witnessing herds of these majestic creatures within the Udawalawe Park. Several bungalows and places of accommodation lie in the immediate vicinity of the dam and the ethereal combination of these constitutes a bewitching haven for wildlife enthusiasts.