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The term 'Duwili Ella' stands for 'dusty waterfall' and despite several waterfalls are referred to by this name,the waterfall in the premises of the Sinharaja forest is the most prominent.
The Duwili Ella waterfall is named so due to the captivating and also marvellous manner by which the water hits the river on its way down.Its popularity is second to just a handful of other waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The Duwili Ella is regarded as the most renowned waterfall in the lush and active Sinharaja forest and it is located 25km from Balangoda, the area considered to be the home for the most primitive man in the island. Visiting the attractive Duwili Ella is only possible via one route – from the entrance at Pitadeniya but once visited, every person will be enchanted by the natural grace and beauty that radiates from the ever-flowing Duwili Waterfall.