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Destination - Hydroelectric Plant of Udawalawe Hydro Electric Plant  blueline 

Introduction and Specifications

One of the most renowned and visited hydroelectric power plants of Sri Lanka, the Udawalawe Hydroelectric plant generates a total of 6 MW of power to the surrounding region. The water that powers and makes the generation of electric power possible at this particular power plant is obtained from the Uda Walawe Water Reservoir. The Udawalawe Dam, which was established decades ago, has paved the way for the reservoir and the immediate natural surroundings of the dam oozes resplendent charm and beauty.

The year during which the Udawalawe hydroelectric plant was commissioned is 1969 and it is three years later that the Udawalawe Reserve was designated as a national park of Sri Lanka. A tour or visit to the hydroelectric power plant will yield a valuable experience as one could learn how a hydroelectric power plant operates as well as the mechanisms and equipment utilised by the plant. First-hand observations of the Udawalawe hydroelectric plant is certain to render a bushel of information and amazement for the observer.

When analysing how the plant operates, it is necessary to understand that a dam creates a huge amount of pressure in the water that is being collected. This water pressure enables the water that is fed to giant turbines to generate a substantial amount of electric power as the turbines produce movement and energy. The power house that have been established to facilitate the production of electricity via the hydroelectric power plant operates as two units and visitors can observe these two units during their tours.

Location and Surroundings

The hydroelectric power plant that operates due to the Udawalawe Dam is situated close by the Udawalawe National Park. Due to the high degree of popularity and acclaim the park enjoys, the hydroelectric plant automatically receives recognition as the local residents and / or tour guides provide information of the attractions surrounding the Udawalawe Park.

Another popular tourist attraction, the world famous and the United Nations’ world heritage site of Sinharaja Forest Reserve is located in the vicinity of the power plant. Tourists will also find other tourist destinations such as the Suriyakanda site in the area and all of these attractions enhance the value of visiting the hydroelectric power plant of Udawalawe.

Circuit Bungalow

The circuit bungalow of the Ceylon Electricity Board that is situated near by the Udawalawe Hydroelectric Power Plant provides accommodation facilities. This particular bungalow is located at a particular village in the vicinity and it belongs to the CEB, the entity responsible for the power plant. In order to locate the circuit bungalow, tourists can ask for directions to this particular village, which is named Kapugala Village. The village of Kapugala is situated close by Pallebedda, which is a city located minutes away from Udawalawe.