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 Maduwanwela Walawwa


The Maduwanwela family received the Maduwanwela Manor of King Rajasinghe II by a royal grant. Wijesekara Ekanayaka Abenayaka Mudiyanse gifted a white moose to King Rahasinghe II and in return he received the honour and duty of supplying weapons to the king’s son, who became King Wimaladharmasuriya II. This took place in the month of November of 1700 B.C. and initially the Maduwanwela family received 25,000 acres of land.

       The Maduwanwela Bungalow is situated in the surrounding area of the Udawalawe Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park and it is accessed by first passing the Thimbholketiya Junction which is along the Palmadulla - Embilipitiya road and then arriving at the Udagama Junction en route to Embilipitiya. Afterwards the Maduwanwela Bungalow can be reached by turning at the Udagama Junction and travelling 14 miles down the Kolonna road.

​            The Maduwanwela Bungalow has a rich history of over 300 years old and one can easily identify it by its ancient and intricate archway and stone gates.Once there were over a 120 rooms in the Maduwanwela Bungalow and this alone is a solid indicator of how large this mansion was. However today, sadly, the Bungalow is home to just 20 rooms and although the bungalow included 26 interior gardens in its heyday, at present it includes just eight.

         Established in the early 18th century, a particular section of the Maduwanwela Bungalow is still remaining and in addition to this the marvellous interior ornamentation of flowers and precious stones can be seen throughout the bungalow.The attractive and historically significant Maduwanwela Bungalow provides an additional aura of importance to the surrounding area of the Udawalawe National Park and tourists can easily visit this historical bungalow