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Located in Suriyakanda at Balangoda, which is a three to four hour drive from Colombo, the Suriyakanda Morning Site is in the most eastern region of the world famous Sinharaja forest. Situated in the district of Ratnapura, the Suriyakanda Morning Site is regarded by naturalists, and even the general public, as a significant regions of Sri Lanka and the fact that it is threatened by human activity, especially the tea plantations, has made the region to be highly treasured and valued.



A large number of flora and fauna which is endemic to Sri Lanka can be seen in the vicinity of the Suriyakanda Morning Site. When analysing the birds found in this particular area, the Jungle and Spur Fowl, the Ceylon Wood Pigeon, and the Grey Hornbill are among the most common. The elusive Sri Lankan leopard along with its prey, the Sambar deer, also roams the serene and lush woodlands and plains of the Suriyakanda Morning Site.


Location and Surroundings of Suriyakanda


As mentioned above, Suriyakanda is situated within the confines of the district of Ratnapura, which belongs to the province of Sabaragamuwa. The Udawalawe National Park, one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries of Sri Lanka, is within close proximity to the site of Suriyakanda. The routes that are to be used by visitors that arrive from Colombo or any Western city is the A18 or the A17 main roads.


Apart from Udawalawe, one more famed tourist attraction that is blessed with natural elegance is found in the immediate vicinity of Suriyakanda. This particular tourist attraction happens to be the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, one of the most known destinations of Sri Lanka. Situatedjust minutes away from the site of Suriyakanda, the Sinharaja Forest attaches a vast cluster of mystique and bewitchment that follows the visitor in each and every activity he or she engages at Suriyakanda.


Reaching Suriyakanda


The distance to Suriyakanda from the city of Colombo is approximately 160 kilometres and according to the present day situation of the area’s traffic, visitors would take at least three hours to reach Suriyakanda during the early morning or at night. The usual time take by most visitors to reach Suriyakanda is at least four hours from Colombo.