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The southern region of Sri Lanka is exalted by a bushel of enthralling and glorified rivers and the Walawe River is one of them. Gently flowing through the Udawalawe National Park, the Walawe River provides water for a multitude of species of mesmerising fauna. The Udawalawe reservoir was constructed across the Walawe River in the mid-twentieth century in order to mainly form a wildlife sanctuary. Several species of deer and other herbivores flock besides the river for their essential necessities.

Additionally, the majestic Sri Lankan elephant also frequent the river. Furthermore, creatures like the water buffalo are also often observed near the river. Dozens of different species of birds, all of them vividly coloured and marvellously alluring, enhance the overall beauty of the Walawe River. Various species of fish inhabit the slow-moving river and this particular river provides water for the visitors of the Udawalawe National Park.

Initiating from the "Samanala" or Butterfly Mountain, the Walawe River is one of the major rivers of the southern portion of the island and it covers an area of nearly 1,000 square miles. Several tributaries are attached to the river and the average annual rainfall for the river can vary from location to location. Several species of plants, including the expensive and sought after trees such as ebony, are found along the river banks of the Walawe River. All of these attractions associated with the river combine to produce a scenic and picturesque natural splendour.