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Ceylon Stone Sucker

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The fish species identified as the Ceylon stone sucker is also known as the Ceylon log sucker and it is one of the fish species found in the water bodies of the Udawalawe National Park. The Ceylon stone sucker usually occurs in slow or moderately moving streams or rivers of water and it dwells only in freshwater. Tropical regions, such as Sri Lanka, are preferred by the Ceylon stone sucker. According to the Fish Base Organisation, this particular species of fish reaches a maximum length of 15 cm.

“Garra ceylonensis” is the scientific name of the Ceylon stone sucker and it is an endemic species of Sri Lanka. However, at present, the fish is distributed in various parts of Asia. This fish is a ray-finned species and it belongs to the order Cypriniformes. These fish are known as ray-finned fish due to the fin rays that are supported by bones or spines on their body. Ray-finned fish are the predominant type of fish available in Sri Lanka and in the world.



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