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Milla (Vitex pinnata)

Milla Vitex pinnata

Belonging to the family referred to as Lamiaceae, this particular plant species is found in South and South East Asia. In Sri Lanka, the plant is known as "milla" and it is a popular plant in woodlands. The Udawalawe National Park also includes these trees. The scientific name of this tree is vitex pinnata and it is known as "laban" in Indonesia, "molave" in the Phillipines, and as "tinnok" in Thailand. Secondary forests and islands are the predominant geographical areas that include this tree.

One of the special features of milla is that is has slow growth rate and it reaches a height of 70 feet. The bark of the tree is a greyish brown and its leaves are scented. The trunk can have a circumference of up to 10 feet but such large trees are rare in Sri Lanka. The wood of this tree is extremely popular and used substanstially in Sri Lanka. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed milla has an endangered species.