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Operators with their Jeeps
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Boat Safari of Udawalawe
The glorious collection of rivers at Udawalawe paves the way for remarkable boat safaris that have captivated every single tourist.The glorious collection of rivers at Udawalawe paves the way for remarkable boat safaris that have captivated every single tourist.
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Unforgetable Memories

Each visitor to the Udawalawe National Park will definitely acquire unforgettable memories and valuable experiences as they enjoy the alluring beauty of the fauna and flora as well as the spectacular scenery of the area. If you have such memories and experiences, we invite you to share them with us and tell the whole world!

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Safari Jeep and Boat Operators Boundaries  Jeepabale Routes Service Providing from the park

The drivers presented here reside in the area operate safari and boat operatorsas safari jeep and boat operators. Additionally, these drivers also engage in agriculture as their professions. The levels of experience and knowledge they possess differ from one driver to another and all of them have intricate and abundant knowledge of the wildlife that inhabit the Udawalawe National Park. Tourists will be proficiently guided to areas that have a multitude of fauna.
Jeeps of varying types that offer a wide array of superfluous facilities are operated by these experienced drivers. The boat operators that operate in the area are also highly experienced in conducting tourist safaris in the water bodies of Udawalawe. The charges for the safaris depend.

The extent of the Udawalawe National Park is enormousBoundaries and safari tours within the park can be challenging with out proper guidance.
Visitors are strictly adviced not to get down from their vehicles during their safari tour within the confines of the Park.

Upon entering the Udawalawe National Park, you will
have to go to the Office and obtain your permit in order
service providing to progress on with your safari tour.  In addition to this,
you can receive the services of a tour guide from the Department of Wildlife. There are varying entrance fees for the Park.

This is not a selling recommendation but impartial information regarding the safari jeeps and boats operators in the area.