Sessions are via phone or Skype. Alison is also available as a speaker for groups, organizations and businesses.

Organization Coaching for Individuals & Families:

Working directly with me via the phone or Skype, you will learn a simple and easy to follow system to get and stay organized. Each session will be about guidance, support and learning new skills based on your needs and goals. You will learn how to make small, love based decisions that will help you choose what in your life you still like, need and want and what you can let go of. I'll recommend products that can help make life easier and provide advice on the best ways to get rid of the items you no longer need. 


Speaking Engagements for Corporate/Business Clients:

 Having a well organized office with working systems set in place allow for increased productivity while decreasing costs and lowering stress levels. I can help you create and devise the following: 

  • Organize and Develop Storage Solution Systems

  • Create & Develop an Organizational Workshop for Employees to Teach Time Management, Productivity & Organizational Skills

  • Create a Space you are excited to work in every day 


Dear Alison,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing light, life, energy and hope into my home when you were here... Your help was invaluable: not just your organizational skills, and teaching me how to FOCUS on one area at a time, but also your presence itself — your kindness and compassionate attitude that taught me how to just clear each little space in a level-headed manner, without any unnecessary self-judgment, criticism, or worse - thoughts of shame...
— J. Lack

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